Redhorse Corporation has become the exclusive official reseller of GraphAware Hume, a mission-critical graph analytics solution, for the U.S. Federal Government’s Defense and National Security market segments. Redhorse will leverage its deep experience with GraphAware Hume to bring Hume-powered mission solutions to its National Security, Defense, and Intelligence Community customers.

“At Redhorse, we understand a primary challenge for the intelligence community is making sense of vast amounts of data. We believe that knowledge graphs and graph data science are critical technologies for transforming the art of intelligence analysis. GraphAware Hume is the most mature software solution for graph analytics available, and we are proud to offer it to our mission customers.” said Vincent Bridgeman, VP of National Security Services at Redhorse.

“We are excited to welcome Redhorse among our trusted partners who help organizations gain a competitive edge by adopting graph technologies,” said Michal Bachman, CEO, and founder of GraphAware.

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