InnoVet Health (Innovet) announced today that it has been awarded a multiple-award Blank Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Enterprise AgileDelivery Services (EADS) at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The BPA is valued $200 million that has one base period of twelve (12) months, and four 12-month option periods. Out of 111 bid submissions that SBA received, InnoVet is one of the six (6) proud awardees of this BPA!!

SBA is an independent agency of the United States government that provides support to US entrepreneurs and small businesses. The SBA’s mission is to strengthen the nation’s economy by helping Americans start, build and grow businesses.

The fundamental scope of the Enterprise Agile DeliveryServices is to support the agency’s need for Agile delivery services, including user-centered and human-centered design, Agile software development, and DevOps.

Under this contract InnoVet will assist SBA in its modernization efforts, including the process of upgrading, improving, refactoring, and modernizing the SBA’s existing legacy platforms and applications. This includes enhancing current SBA programs and applications by adding high mission value features such as cloud architecture, API integrations, DevOps and other methods.

Innovet has delivered a broad range of digital services to the US government agencies, including digital exchange of millions of veteran records, AI/ML and data analytics, COTS modernization of legacy systems and Independent Verification and Validation of a complex enterprise financial management application.

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