Fearless is at a critical point in our growth as we graduate from the Small Business 8(a) program at the end of 2022. To help lead our teams and scale, we’re welcoming Ravi Gourineni as Chief Delivery Officer.

Before joining Fearless, Gourineni worked with many large & small government contracting companies for over 20 years supporting several agencies including US Department of Veterans Affairs, US Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, Department of the Treasury and Health & Human Services.

Making an impact in government

“With the government, I feel I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day. You can immediately see the results of people using a system you helped build. It’s very meaningful,” Gournineni shared. “That’s harder to see in the private sector. Government work is more people-centric.”

At Fearless, Gournineni is supporting scaling efforts to deliver quality work for customers and teams.

“The one thing I absolutely love about Ravi is his approach to pulling out the best in people to make them better. It’s a subtle skill that requires care, listening, and tons of personal interaction. This is at the heart of our approach at Fearless and I’m excited to have Ravi Gourineni leading our teams and customers towards this idea,” said Fearless COO John Foster.

Attracted to Fearless’ people-first philosophy, Gournineni will empower our teams to make sure they have the right tools to deliver quality work to our customers.

“I see my successes as a culmination of the success of each of Fearless’ portfolio directors, each of the practices,” he said. “If they’re not successful, I’m not successful. I want to make sure I’m helping them get where they need.”

Beyond Fearless, Gourineni is a proud father to two daughters and jokingly says he’s a de facto basketball coach for them.

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