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  1. Contract Award: $1B CMS ACME BPA
  2. Contract Award: $1.7B NIH NCI IT BPA
  3. PR: IBM to Acquire Octo
  4. Contract Award: $10M FBI LIMS FA
  5. Contract Award: $762M Air Force SAF/CO Data Science Support/ Vault SMEs
  6. Contract Award: IRS HR Connect QA and Development Support
  7. PR: Octo Metric Wins JV Contract to Support Army Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO)
  8. Contract Award: $15M US Army JAIC AI DATA Readiness BOA
  9. FCC awards $204M IT Modernization Contract to 14 companies
  10. Contract Award: $204M Federal Communications Commission Application Development Support Services IDIQ
  11. Octo Wins Spot on BPA to Serve DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center
  12. Contract Award: USPTO Data Architecture and Data Management, Data Quality, and Data Exchange
  13. Octo Metric wins $300M Department of the Treasury Applications Development and Sustainment Services (ADSS) BPA
  14. 11 Small Businesses positioned to get a bigger share of the Pie at IRS in FY 2022
  15. PR: Northern Virginia Technology Council Announces the 2021 NVTC Tech 100 Honorees
  16. Octo and Metric5 JV wins 5-year U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Predictive Lake Analytics Nextgen eXchange Services (PLANXS) task order.
  17. Octo Metric wins $181M Internal Revenue Service EBS App Dev and Sustainment Services contract
  18. Octo wins Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products architecture, data management, and new application development support BPA
  19. B3 Group Lands $686M VA Digital Transformation Center (DTC) Contract, utilizing SaaS, PaaS, and emerging tech as transformation enablers
  20. Sevatec to Provide Application Systems Development with Dynanet under Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Enhancements, and Administration for Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Contract