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  1. Contract Award: $4M USDA Risk Management Agency RMCA-NRC-FSA Outreach Support Services BPA
  2. It’s Time to Elev8 GovCon! Recognizing those Government Contracting companies who are Doing It the Right Way
  3. Contract Award: $25M SBA ServiceNow BPA
  4. Growing, Winning, Thriving – by Being a Cut Above – and Beyond
  5. Contract Award: $49M Administrative Office of the US Courts ISD Professional Support Services
  6. Contract Award: DOS Office of the Procurement Executive (OPE) Forecasting
  7. Contract Award: $15M FEMA GPD Program Management Office Support BPA
  8. Contract Award: DOS TalentMAP
  9. $4.5M Treasury Departmental Offices award
  10. Contract Award: $4M GSA OCIO Digital Transformation Support Services
  11. Contract Award: $4.5M DOS Human Resources Services Delivery (HRSD) Application
  12. Contract Award: $4M FEMA Cybersecurity Technical, Administrative and Programmatic Support (CTAPS) Service
  13. PR: MetaPhase Consulting Taps Former GSA Executive, Beth Angerman, as Chief Operating Officer
  14. Contract Award: $28M USDA Information Technology Management Services (ITMS)
  15. PR: MetaPhase Consulting is Awarded FAA eFAST Contract Vehicle
  16. Contract Award: $4.5M USAID Client Services and IT Demand Management
  17. Contract Award: HUD Housing Office of DAS Dispute Resolution
  18. MetaPhase Consulting wins $59M Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) Management Support/Consolidated Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution Support task
  19. Contract Award: $36M DHS CISA Operations and Support
  20. MetaPhase Consulting wins 5-year Strategic Planning Support Services task with DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency