Recent NewsFederal Health
  1. Contract Award: $6M Education TOAST BPA
  2. Contract Award: $6M CMS Evaluation of Independence at Home Demonstration
  3. Contract Award: $11M Education REL Peer Review
  4. Contract Award: $51M CMS Learning Collaboratives
  5. Contract Award: $8M AHRQ Development of Updated and Enhanced Data Products
  6. Contract Award: $6M HHS Office of Behavioral Health, Disability, and Aging Policy Analysis and Technical Assistance
  7. Contract Award: $11M HHS Human Services Research, Analysis and Technical Assistance
  8. Contract Award: $7M HHS Office of Population Affairs Research and Evaluation Support
  9. Contract Award: $8M HHS ACF Regional Partnership Grants (RPG7) Program Cross-site Evaluation Related Technical Assistance
  10. Contract Award: $15M CMS Evaluation of the Community Health Access and Rural Transformation (CHART) Model
  11. Contract Award: $10M DOL OASP Navigators Evidence – Building Portfolio
  12. Contract Award: SAMHSA IDIQ
  13. CMS awards $21M Data Analytics Support task
  14. SSA awards $7M Disability Analysis File Development and Construction IDIQ to Mathematica
  15. Mathematica wins $7M HHS human services research, analysis, and technical assistance support task
  16. Mathematica wins $14M in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Reporting and Evaluation tasks
  17. Mathematica wins $9M National Institutes of Health (NIH) task for home visiting model data review
  18. Mathematica wins Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES) support contract
  19. Mathematica, Booz Allen, ICF, JFF and AIR win Prime spots on $45M DOL OWI WIOA Technical Assistance BPA
  20. ESAC led team awarded eCQM Standards and Resource Center Contract by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services