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  1. Contract Award: $34M NIH Security
  2. Contract Award: $50M FDA OSP Professional Analytical Services for Tier 2 BPA
  3. Contract Award: $380M CBP Data Center Support Services (DCSS)
  4. Contract Award: $35M TSA Enterprise Support Portfolio O&M, Program Management and Agile Development Services
  5. Contract Award: $500M FBI Administrative and Professional Support Services BPA
  6. Contract Award: $2.6B IRS IT Systems and Capabilities Development, Maintenance, Modernization and Support
  7. Contract Award: $900M Development of Innovative Approaches IDIQ
  8. Contract Award: $1.7B NIH NCI IT Services BPA
  9. PR: Accenture Federal Services Awarded Prime Role on $650M Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare Innovation Contract
  10. PR: Accenture Federal Services Wins $189 Million Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Contract
  11. Contract Award: $7M LOC US Copyright Contact Center
  12. Contract Award: $19M FPS/BOP National Recruitment Office Marketing and Branding
  13. Contract Award: $650M VA Accelerating VA Innovation and Learning (AVAIL)
  14. Contract Award: $12M Bureau of Prisons Review Assessment
  15. Contract Award: $15M ED IES Digital Modernization
  16. Contract Award: $48M Forest Service Operation and Service Delivery (OSD)
  17. Contract AwardL $90M State Systems Development BPA
  18. Contract Award: $190M CDC Cloud Rationalization, Navigation, Modernization and Sustainment Services
  19. Contract Award: $51M Forest Service NRM Modernization II
  20. Contract Award: $13M DHA US European Command Common Operating Medical Picture (MedCOP) Software Development and Training Support