A research request was recently provided to OS AI from an 8(a) and HUBZone certified small business and Federal Health IT and Consulting firm looking for details related to a new requirement out of the Department of Health and Human Services Program Support Center (PSC) intended to support IT modernization efforts, to include retiring multiple legacy systems and replacing them with a modernized solution that leverages existing Low Code Application Platforms (e.g, Appian, Salesforce).  

We at OrangeSlices AI do believe in the need for more and better-informed competition, so provided below are 1) opportunity details provided by the requestor; 2) some key points of contact; and 3) related pursuit/capture data.   

The Ask: Please provide additional details and information related to this upcoming RFP out of HHS PSC and FOH to assist the agency in drafting business, functional, and system requirements to be used to design, build, and test a new modernized solution and to provide acquisition support as the agency chooses systems integrator services to replace “the following three legacy systems that are particularly challenging and require a more modernized, comprehensive solution: FedHealth Occupational Health Management (FedHealth), Service Tracking and Management (STM), and the Medical Evaluation/Requirements Information Tracking System (MERITS).” One of the goals for the modernized solution is to leverage PSC’s existing Low Code Application Platforms (i.e., Appian WorkSmarter, Salesforce-OneView).  

Expected Competition Date: Fiscal Year 2023 – date tbd  

OS AI Note: This has been in the works for a couple of years now and it is our understanding that the agency is currently doing market research, to include having posted details on eBuy. The acquisition strategy, to include timeline, contract, vehicle, and set-aside, have not been announced yet, but it is our understanding that the anticipated start of performance for this contract is December 1, 2023 and it is only expected to be a one-year contract.  

The big fish here and the contract that most will be interested in pursuing is for the actual modernization work, which this contract and contractor will tee up. The timing on that is still TBD, but it should logically be expected within calendar year 2024.  

** Please note that OS AI will not speculate here as to the accuracy of any scope details provided and/or any current plans related to the timing, details, and likelihood of any recompete.  

Related Data:  

Sample of Key Potential Points of Contact (current or past): 

  • Saundra Kpadeh, Senior Contract Specialist, HHS PSC – Saundra.Kpadeh@psc.hhs.gov 
  • Angeleana Torres, Contracts, HHS PSC – angeleana.torres@psc.hhs.gov 
  • Angelina Mulenga, Senior Contract Specialist, HHS PSC – Angelina.Mulenga@psc.hhs.gov 
  • Zipora Chepkoit, Contract, HHS PSC – zipora.chepkoit@nih.hhs.gov 
  • Brandon Savin, IT Project Manager, Federal Occupational Health, PSC, HHS 
  • Neysa Narena, Former FOH Functional PM  
  • Cheryl Eaton, Deputy Director, Information Technology, Federal Occupational Health, PSC, HHS 
  • Tia Harriston, Director, Information Technology, Federal Occupational Health, PSC, HHS 
  • John Watson, Program Manager, All Native Group, The Federal Services Division of Ho-Chunk Inc. 
  • Cynthia Sharon, Program Manager, All Native Group, The Federal Services Division of Ho-Chunk Inc. 
  • Brett Davis, Now former IT Project Manager – HHS Federal Occupational Health, All Native Group, The Federal Services Division of Ho-Chunk Inc. 

Looking for an 8(a), WOSB, HUBZone or SDVOSB to partner with at HHS? Click Here 

You can filter the list by several key indicators, to include socio-economic status, NAICS, Contract vehicle, etc.  

If you are a small business with capabilities and socio-economic status that might support this effort, comment below and we will add you to the list. 

Firms drawing the most attention at HHS ASA: 

Included below is a list of the large and small companies we have noted as drawing the most views by Government and industry leaders on the OrangeSlices AI consultant directory over the past week and that bring direct past performance and/or related relationships in support of the HHS Assistant Secretary for Administration (ASA). 

We cannot and will not speculate here as to the reasons for the increased interest, but whether it is a company evaluating them as a potential partner; a federal acquisition leader doing their due diligence; or a consultant weighing their next job move, this group of companies has been receiving increased interest. 

Please note that the research requestor for this item received a Premium OS AI Opp Segment report including 1) known details about how/if/when/where this contract will be competed; 2) a list of the top companies that are in position to win today (as well as those who have been making key investments and moves of late to position for a win); and 3) a detailed list of the top potential opportunity influencers any potential bidder will want to get to know.  

About OrangeSlices AI  

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