March 28, 2023

Those who attended last week’s Defense Health Agency Industry Day walked away with a list of some of the top opportunities expected to be competed in the next 12-18 months. Unsurprisingly, the OrangeSlices AI team has received questions related to a trio of expiring Defense Health Agency DML-ES LogiCole contracts, with one upcoming requirement expected to be set aside for small businesses drawing a lot of interest.

For this who missed it, last week, DHA held an Industry Day Requirements Exchange where they presented a range of upcoming requirements and business opportunities, including providing a long-range forecast (all of the latest forecast documents can be found here). According to one of two forecast documents shared, three separate contracts to support DML-ES are all expected to be competed in the third quarter of FY 2023. This will include a $58M DML-ES Support Services contract held by ManTech; a $130M application development and sustainment contract held by CACI; and a $45M+ training, documentation, and IV&V services contract held by Ellumen. The first two are expected to be consolidated into one requirement and competed on GSA OASIS as an unrestricted competition, with an award expected to be competed before the end of the calendar year.

Most of the interest and questions the OS AI team has fielded are related to the third contract, the DML-ES / LogiCole training and IV&V contract. We suspect the primary reason for the increased interest is the realization by some that this is being competed on GSA OASIS SB and not CIO-SP3/4, a contract to which the incumbent does not have Prime access.

We cannot and will not speak to the accuracy of the timing in the DHA shared forecast documents, especially since one of these has not been updated in almost two months, and any forecast details tend to change quickly. What we can do is share a refreshed version of an article we published late last Summer related to the recompete of this contract.

Originally Posted August 17, 2022, refreshed March 28, 2023

A research request was just sent to OS AI from an 8(a) woman-owned small business and newer CIO-SP3 SB Prime seeking a list of some of the top partner [and/or competitor] options related to the potential FY 2023 recompete of a 5-year contract with the Defense Health Agency.   

We at OrangeSlices AI believe in the need for more and better-informed competition, so provided below are some of the details shared with us by the research requestor, followed by some high-level intel, and a list of some of the firms drawing the most views this week, by Government and industry leaders, on the OrangeSlices AI consultant directory in relation to efforts in support of the DOD’s Defense Health Agency.   

Opportunity Details Provided by Requestor   

Scope: This contract is to provide Documentation, Training and Independent Verification and Validation Testing Services (IV&V) for DML-ES / LogiCole (formerly known as DMLSS). “The Defense Medical Logistics – Enterprise Solution (DML-ES) portfolio provides a continuum of medical logistics support for the Defense Health Agency. LogiCole is the technical refresh of the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) within DML-ES, the program and portfolio name for all MEDLOG Information Technology (IT) applications. LogiCole is the refreshed DMLSS platform that rolls all the legacy MEDLOG applications (DMLSS, Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics System, Joint Medical Asset Repository) into a single environment that is web-based and approved to be hosted in the Amazon government cloud.” As part of this effort, this contract was put in place to provide “IV&V support Multi-Market Medical Treatment facilities with testing that encompasses functionality, security, capacity, and performance.”  

** Please note that OS AI will not speculate in this brief report as to the accuracy of any scope details provided and/or any current plans related to the timing, details and likelihood of any recompete. Our premium report provided to the requestor does provide more details, but this report is simply a response to the request.      

Competitive Details (if known):  (updated)

Related Data:   

Key Potential Points of Contact (current or past):    

  • Barton Vint, Contracting Officer, US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA)
  • Patrick Staley, Program Manager – Medical Logistics Information Technology Program Office
  • Mary Vogel, President at Ellumen
  • Daniel Wayland, Chief Technology Officer at Ellumen

Firms drawing the most attention at the Defense Health Agency (updated)

Included below is a list of the large and small companies we have noted were searched and viewed the most on OrangeSlices AI since the beginning of 2023 and that bring direct past performance in support of the Defense Health Agency.   

** An Elev8 GovCon Honoree, noted for a corporate culture that demonstrates excellence, making the company a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients.       

Please note that the research requestor for this item received a detailed intelligence report including   

1) known details about how/if/when/where this contract will be competed;  2) a list of the top companies that are in position to win today (as well as those who have been making key investments and moves of late to position for a win); and 3) a list of the top potential opportunity influencers any bidder will want to get to know. Whether it is current government leaders driving change, industry leaders, or recent former Federal officials who can support capture, serve as key personnel, or ensure delivery upon award, this is a group of leaders any bidder will want to get to know.   

About OrangeSlices AI   

Developed by a team of government and industry contracting subject matter experts, the OrangeSlices AI data driven platform is a publicly available searchable listing of the top information technology and consulting services contractors doing business with the Federal government today. Driven by a robust and comprehensive set of authoritative and trusted data sources, the tool is intended to help government and industry leaders find the right partner to help deliver on the important missions of the Federal government. Learn more about how you can engage with OS AI here.    

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