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The objective of this effort is to provide MilTech with the necessary expertise to effectively develop, acquire, field, sustain and enhance MilTech’s suite of applications and systems, individually and holistically.  This includes full systems engineering, project management, and system administration and technical support for the development, operation, maintenance, upgrade, integration, installation, materiel procurement, new technology insertion, and marketing and training for the MilTech’s technology portfolio.

The Contractor shall provide technical, planning, architecture, engineering, development, implementation, support and sustainment of IM and KM Solutions and Services for DOD, the US Army, PL MilTech Solutions and other DOD Partners.

The scope of this effort includes business management, program management, information security, information technology, systems engineering and network support.  This includes analysis, network operations, software development, software integration, installation, operations, material procurement, software engineering from concept to delivery to customers in a total system environment, network management, knowledge management, training and technical services in support of MilTech products and programs and external partner organizations.

The Contractor shall plan, test, configure, produce, field, integrate, install, secure, manage, upgrade, operate, maintain, train and support multiple products and components critical for the Army’s enterprise communications and data network capabilities that are provided and supported by MilTech.

The Contractor shall possess knowledge and proficiency in the specific products and capabilities MilTech Solutions uses in the technical baseline today, with an understanding of the technology and product evolution necessary to further the support to MilTech customers. The Contractor shall utilize an Agile framework and DevSevOps principles to the best extent possible…

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