Accenture Federal Services, Arlington, Virginia (FA868423DB018); Ad hoc Research Associates, Havre De Grace, Maryland (FA868423DB019); Aegis Aerospace Inc., Houston, Texas (FA868423DB020); Aero Simulation, Tampa, Florida (FA868423DB021); Alion Science and Technology Corp., McLean, Virginia (FA868423DB022); American Systems, Chantilly, Virginia (FA868423DB023); ANSYS, Exton, Pennsylvania (FA868423DB024); Apogee Engineering, LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado (FA868423DB025); Applied Information Sciences, Orlando, Florida (FA868423DB026); Applied Research Solutions Inc., Reston, Virginia (FA868423DB027); Applied Visual Technology Inc., Orlando, Florida (FA868423DB028); Assured Information Security Inc., Rome, New York (FA868423DB029); Aviation Training Consulting LLC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (FA868423DB030); BGI LLC, Akron, Ohio (FA868423DB031); NuWave Solutions LLC, McLean, Virginia (FA868423DB032); Black Sage Technologies Inc., Boise, Idaho (FA868423DB033); Boecore, LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado (FA868423DB034); The Boeing Co., Saint Louis, Missouri (FA868423DB035); Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Chantilly, Virginia (FA868423DB036); CAE USA Inc., Arlington, Texas (FA868423DB037); Capability Analysis & Measurement Organization LLC, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio (FA868423DB038); Carley Corp., Orlando, Florida (FA868423DB039); Clear Creek Applied Technologies Inc., Fairborn, Ohio (FA868423DB040); Cole Engineering Services Inc., Melbourne, Florida (FA868423DB041); CFD Research Corp., Huntsville, Alabama (FA868423DB042); CIYIS LLC, Atlanta, Georgia (FA868423DB043); CORASCloud Inc., Chantilly, Virginia (FA868423DB044); CymSTAR LLC, Dallas, Texas (FA868423DB045); deciBel Research Inc., Madison, Alabama (FA868423DB046); Dell Federal Systems LP, Irving, Texas (FA868423DB047); Dignitas Technologies LLC, Orlando, Florida (FA868423DB048); Discovery Machine Inc., Williamsport, Pennsylvania (FA868423DB049); Dynepic Inc., Reno, NV (FA868423DB050); Equinox Innovative Systems, Inc., Columbia, Maryland (FA868423DB051); Engineering Research and Consulting Inc., Madison, Alabama (FA868423DB052); Expansia Group LLC, Andover, Massachusetts (FA868423DB053); Expeditionary Engineering Inc., San Diego, California (FA868423DB054); FAAC Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan (FA868423DB055); Falconry Training Solutions JV, Lakewood, Colorado (FA868423DB056); ASES LLC, doing business as Field Aerospace, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (FA868423DB057); FlightSafety International Defense, Englewood, Colorado (FA868423DB058); Fusion Constructive LLC, Austin, Texas (FA868423DB059); Hill Technical Solutions, Huntsville, Alabama (FA868423DB060); Hyperion Technology Group Inc., Tupelo, Mississippi (FA868423DB061); Infinity Labs LLC, Beavercreek Township, Ohio (FA868423DB063); Infoscitex Corp., Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio (FA868423DB064); Intrinsic Enterprises Inc., Bellevue, Washington (FA868423DB065); Roundarch Isobar Inc., Chicago, Illinois (FA868423DB066); JANUS Research Group LLC, Smyrna, Georgia (FA868423DB067); KIHOMAC Inc., Reston, Virginia (FA868423DB068); KPMG LLP, Fort Belvoir, Virginia (FA868423DB069); Leidos Inc., Reston, Virginia (FA868423DB070); Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, Grand Prairie, Texas (FA868423DB071); MAK Technologies Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts (FA868423DB072); Maxar Mission Solutions Inc., Herndon, Virginia (FA868423DB073); MetroStar Systems Inc., Reston, Virginia (FA868423DB074); n-ask Inc., Reston, Virginia (FA868423DB076); Nexagen Networks Inc., Old Bridge, New Jersey (FA868423DB077); NextGen Federal Systems LLC, Rocket Center, West Virginia (FA868423DB078); Northrop Grumman Systems Corp., McLean, Virginia (FA868423DB079); Omni Fed LLC, Gainesville, Virginia (FA868423DB080); Parry Labs LLC, Alexandria, Virginia (FA868423DB081); Parsons Government Services Inc., Centreville, Virginia (FA868423DB082); Peerless Technologies Corp., Fairborn, Ohio (FA868423DB083); PeopleTec Inc., Madison, Alabama (FA868423DB084); Phoenix Defense Ventures LLC, Luke AFB, Arizona (FA868423DB085); Picture Clean Consulting LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada (FA868423DB086); PLEXSYS Interface Products, Bellevue, Washington (FA868423DB087); ProActive Technologies Inc., Oviedo, Florida (FA868423DB088); Rackner Inc., Silver Spring, Maryland (FA868423DB089); Radiance Technologies Inc., Huntsville, Alabama (FA868423DB090); RAFT LLC, Reston, Virginia (FA868423DB091); Raytheon Co., Woburn, Massachusetts (FA868423DB092); Real-Time Innovations Inc., Campbell, California (FA868423DB093); Rockwell Collins Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa (FA868423DB094); Sabel Systems Technology Solutions LLC, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio (FA868423DB095); Science Applications International Corp., Reston, Virginia (FA868423DB096); SNA Software LLC, Orlando, Florida (FA868423DB097); Soar Technology Inc., Sterling Heights, Michigan (FA868423DB098); Specialty Systems Inc., Toms River, Virgnia (FA868423DB099); Systems & Technology Research LLC, Woburn, Massachusetts (FA868423DB100); Systems Planning and Analysis, Chantilly, Virginia (FA868423DB101); Tangram Flex Inc., Dayton, Ohio (FA868423DB102); TDMK Digital, Reston, Virginia (FA868423DB103); Troy7 Inc., Huntsville, Alabama (FA868423DB104); Unity Technologies, San Francisco, California (FA868423DB105); Vertex, Madison, Mississippi (FA868423DB106); XL Scientific LLC, Albuquerque, New Mexico (FA868423DB107); Virtualistics Inc, Pasadena, California (FA868423DB108); Wingbrace LLC, Boston, Massachusetts (FA868423DB109); Yotta Navigation Corp., Campbell, California (FA868423DB110); and Zel Technologies LLC, Hampton, Virginia (FA868423DB111), have each been awarded an up-to $900,000,000 ceiling, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the development of innovative approaches that bring multi-domain systems capabilities, the characterization of new technologies and systems through studies, recurrent demonstration and rapid development to enable rapid prototyping, and test and capability transition. The location of work performance will be determined at the contract direct order level and is expected to be completed December 2032. These awards are the result of full and open competition, and 94 responses were received. Fiscal 2022 operations and maintenance funds in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded to each contractor. Air Force Life Cycle Management, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, is the contracting activity.

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