I am very excited to share that Anika Systems won a $20 million dollar Award, Data Strategy Support Services (DSSS) supporting the USCIS Chief Data Officer (CDO) on our OASIS Pool 1 8(a) contract vehicle.  We will be supporting all OCDO operations from data management with data governance and sharing, data standards, and data quality; business intelligence with agency-wide reporting, analytics, and training; advanced analytics with data science research, automation support with business process documentation, and graph data analytics support.

This is our 2nd DHS and OASIS Pool 1 8(a) Competed Award.

Being a hands-on technical person and wearing multiple delivery roles, this was a unique experience to tell the depth and breadth of Team Anika’s Data Engineering and Intelligent Automation strength to a new customer. Personally, I felt this was a multi-phase process from RFI response through RFP Tech Challenge where I led the tech orals during the Final Phase.

I couldn’t have done it but for the countless number of hours of guidance by Peter Frith and Sonja L Jones, CF APMP in preparing me for the very long and arduous hours of the tech challenge.

I would like to thank Team Anika Systems members including
Jim Carroll who led this brilliant capture and BD effort ; Nez Harrison, CF APMP , Shawn Rene , Nicole Crotchett , Mark L. in Solution Development and Orals

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