The Government Technology & Services Coalition awards a select number of exceptional members each year — members who take their time, resources, and devotion to mission to give back to our organization. We could not thrive, grow, and serve the homeland security community without them. Whether it’s representing our nonprofit to ensure that the perspectives of small businesses are included, responding to national emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic, or working to make the procurement and acquisition process better, these companies have notably succeeded in business and they have given back to our community to help all of us thrive and serve the homeland mission better. We are extremely proud and honored to announce our annual GTSC Member Awards:

GTSC Small Business of the Year


All About Mission and Partnerships: The 2022 GTSC Award Winners Homeland Security Today

Who is that sparkling, brilliant bundle of positivity dominate at you? It’s Amivero’s CEO Olivia Trivisani Bowker, a powerhouse small-business founder and leader AND giver to her community in homeland security. Starting a short three years ago, Amivero has taken the DHS world by storm and unleashed a people-first model that incorporates purpose-driven leadership and outcome-focused execution. Her team’s divining rod is empathy – for her clients, the people she serves, and the missions that must succeed to protect the nation. So deep is their commitment that even their name, Amivero, is based on the root words ami, meaning “friendly,” and vero, implying “true”. However, it is not necessarily their success in the market that makes Amivero the small business of the year! Amivero’s commitment to GTSC has been above and beyond. From supporting programs to planning programs, to joining the Board, Olivia and her team care for GTSC as they do their clients and employees: as family. Always there to support on every level – financially (even as a small firm), with thought leadership around crafting curriculum and outreach, and even just to provide a sounding board for how we continue to provide the best programming and environment to continue building the foremost trusted network in homeland….

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